High school brings about a myriad of changes. Recital dresses turn into prom dresses, bicycles are traded up for hand-me-down cars, and recesses are swapped for SAT’s and exit exams.

However, with all of this change there can also be an abundance of abandonment. Shifts in interests or identity can cause you to lose touch with your family, mentors or friends. Sometimes these shifts can be healthy and sometimes they can be horrendously damaging, but either way they always hurt. This is where Summit comes in.

Summit is a place where teenagers can be themselves. They can shed the anxieties of teen life, relax and fit in. The Summit is a time every Wednesday from 6:00-7 pm in the youth room at BFLC where we hang-out, play games, experience God through the arts, and find out more about how life can be traversed together.

We also meet once a month for board games, frozen yogurt, movies or just hanging out. Come join us!