We all grow.

From our first breath we begin a journey that carries us through the life that God has laid out for us. We laugh, we cry, we sing, we learn, we eat, we pray. But what binds all of these experiences together and gives them purpose is that God gives us the gift of each other through which we may experience life. At Black Forest Lutheran Church we understand how valuable this gift is and that is why we gather together once a month on a Sunday evening from 5-6pm, to share in each other’s lives and embrace the community with which God has blessed us.

We come together at 5 pm for 20-25 minutes of prayer, music, and a brief devotional. But don’t be fooled. This time is crafted for folks who are 9 months, 9 years, or 99 years old. We love noisy babies, restless toddlers, angsty teenagers, busy adults and tired retirees. Sit, stand, crawl, dance, the point of this time is to simply be comfortable and enjoy the good company. 

At about 5:30 we will always have a meal. We all love to eat and some of the best experiences of life are over a warm plate. Ensuring the growth of your young saplings is a chief priority for us so the meals will always be healthy and balanced. We know life is busy and young ones need their rest so if you’re ready to call it a night after dinner, by all means feel free to head out. 

If the night still feels young, then by shortly after 6 we will often have some rotating fun event or extra gathering for the evening. Talks around a fire pit, parent support groups, flashlight tag in the woods, making charitable crafts for those in need, the time after 6pm will look different each time we meet but will always fill your soul and help further build you into the community. 

We all grow, but thankfully we don’t grow alone. God has knit us together like the roots of an aspen and we would love to grow with you during this special Sunday night gathering at The Grove!