Let’s Get Spooked at the Movies!


Tomorrow night (10/17) we have a night off from Confirmation so let’s go get in the Halloween spirit and watch everyone’s favorite Spidey villain, Venom! (PG-13)

We’ll meet at Regal Interquest Stadium 14 & RPX (1120 Interquest Pkwy) at 6:30pm before heading to the movie at 6:55. The runtime is 2hrs. so plan to have your folks pick you up at about 9:30pm. Bring $10 for your ticket and I’ll cover the popcorn 😊

Call or text Jeremy with any questions: 949-231-2029


Work and Paint

We’re gathering the troops tomorrow morning to clean and make some rad art!

We’ll work from 8:30am-noon and then have a pizza lunch! If you’re a teenager (or one at heart) stick around after lunch as we create some abstract art by throwing paint!

The Journey Begins


Here we are at the beginning of things. Just as an endless forest springs from a single seed, so too does this mark the beginning of something grand. I can’t wait to see what we build here together at The Grove!

Our times together will be filled with joy, tears, awe and adventure, the best of those gifts with which God blesses his community. May God bless as we begin this adventure and learn what it means to grow together!